Saturday, September 15, 2007

Awesome moves

Thompson calls on Democrats to return donations

by Peter Hamby and Robert Yoon

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) – Former senator and Republican White House hopeful Fred Thompson called on Democratic presidential candidates Monday to refund all donations received from after the liberal advocacy group ran an ad attacking Gen. David Petraeus in The New York Times.

"I understand there's a front page ad that's been taken out by this outfit called in the New York Times today," said Thompson at a campaign rally at Doc's Barbecue in this capital city. "And it basically accuses our general who's leading our troops in Iraq right now of betraying his own country. This outfit basically, in large part, funds the Democratic party. I call upon the Democratic party and all those Democratic contenders for the White House to disavow this libel against this brave American."

McCain To MoveOn: Get Out

Senator Blasts Anti-War Group In New Hampshire
CBS news blog

Arizona Senator John McCain has taken criticism of anti-war group to a whole new level: He is suggesting that the organization “ought to be thrown out of this country.” McCain has begun carrying a blown-up, laminated poster of the MoveOn ad to his campaign stops.

And speaking at an event in Hudson, New Hampshire last night, CBS News’ Dante Higgins reports he once again displayed the ad and said: “It’s disgraceful, it’s got to be retracted and condemned by the Democrats, and ought to be thrown out of this country.”