Saturday, September 22, 2007

Show up, Rudy. Ask if they want to continue living in crime and victimhood?

Get real, Tavis Smiley: Parker explains to debate host why his event is waste of Republicans' time

by Star Parker

Tavis Smiley, black journalist and TV host, is hosting a debate, and the leading Republican candidates aren't coming.

The top four Republican candidates have announced they won't make it to his PBS-sponsored debate at Morgan State University Sept. 27.

Now Smiley is using the occasion to assert that Republicans feel it's OK to "ignore people of color" and to call out black Republicans as disingenuous in claiming that their party can really be a home for blacks.

To those black Republicans, Smiley says: "I don't wanna hear it anymore. If you want black folks to take your party seriously, then your party ought to take black folks seriously."