Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Throw every single lawbreaker out of office and put them in jail where they belong!

Tancredo targets New Hampshire 'sanctuary state' bill
The Denver Post

by Beverly Wang (AP)

CONCORD, N.H.—If Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo had his way, New Hampshire lawmakers behind an immigration bill would be thrown out of office and prosecuted for helping illegal immigrants. "If they actually implemented it, you bet. It's aiding and abetting. I think that's a pretty clear violation of the federal law," he said Wednesday of the bill, which would prohibit state and local authorities from enforcing federal immigration laws.

Tancredo, a Colorado congressman who has staked his long-shot campaign for president on his vehement opposition to illegal immigration, acknowledged some legal obstacles likely would prevent prosecuting state lawmakers over proposed legislation. Otherwise, "I'd be more than willing to pursue it," he said. Mayors and city councilors who adopt sanctuary city policies also should face criminal charges, he said.

Tancredo supports building a fence along the border with Mexico and strictly enforcing existing immigration laws, including deporting all illegal immigrants.

Visiting Concord ahead of an evening debate of Republican presidential candidates at the University of New Hampshire, Tancredo dove into state politics, demanding the ouster of the bill's sponsors—Democrats Lily Mesa of Manchester and Susi Nord of Candia—though he did not mention them by name. He also urged Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, to speak out against the bill.

"It is a terrible idea and we need the governor to say something about it, for instance, 'I will veto any attempt to make New Hampshire a sanctuary state,'" Tancredo said.