Monday, September 10, 2007

Time to halt immigration to America and allow people to vote on this issue not rich old pols

Britain halts immigration

by Patrick Hennessy ...

LONDON — Tens of thousands of immigrant workers will be forced to learn English before they are allowed into Britain under a plan Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to announce tomorrow in a speech to the Trades Union Congress in Brighton, informed sources revealed yesterday.

The rules, expected to reduce the number of people entering Britain by at least 35,000 a year, will affect those from countries outside the European Union who are seeking to work and settle permanently in Britain.

"Those who we welcome into the UK to work and settle here need to understand our traditions and feel that they are part of our shared national culture," Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said. "They need to integrate into our country, learn English and use our language."

Mr. Brown's aides said the initiative will form a "key plank" of the Labor Party government's new policy on immigration. It will be seen as another shift to the right following the prime minister's moves to block supercasinos and to review the decision to reclassify cannabis as a less dangerous drug.

The new policy will present opposition leader David Cameron with a dilemma: If he attacks Mr. Brown's plan, he risks once again angering his "core support" among right-of-center voters. Mr. Cameron is trying to reposition the Conser-vatives as a modern, compassionate party and has shied from referring to immigration.