Monday, August 04, 2008

Are cowardly wussie Canadian officials covering up the fact that the bus beheader is muslim???

(note: this is preliminary and it will take a while for facts to be verified.)

Do so-called officials have any idea how they fuel conspiracy theories by stone walling and politically correct lying about the truth? Muslims are in serious denial and badly need to face up to their awful truth. The truth will set muslims free (and save countless lives from butchery as well.

Report: beheader is "Chinese Muslim motivated by Koran"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation at one point said the following:

"RCMP announced Friday morning that they have charged Vince Weiguang Li, 40, of Edmonton with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear at the Manitoba provincial court in Portage la Prairie. A Chinese Muslim, Li expressed to investigators that his actions were motivated by the Koran."

That has since been deleted from the site. Canadian blogs have made copies of it for posterity. Here is the sanitized version of the CBC story without the Muslim reference.