Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The democrat party now represents the principals of the old Soviet Union

The current Democratic Congress and it's radical party leaders have been (and are) so far to the left of center that they have destroyed many of the economic and Constitutional foundations of our country.

Under the ruse of "progressiveness", the Liberal movement has eschewed the very things which attracted millions of legal (and illegal) immigrants to America, and which made this nation the social and economic envy of the world.

Unless these socialistic trends (which have been the keystone of decades of Liberalism) are eliminated, our nation faces the same destiny that has destroyed every socialist nation since the dawn of civilization.

The shame of the past 60 years, however is not the Liberal/Socialist movement; even the looniest left and the wackiest right have right to their opinions.

The shame is not even that the hijacked Democratic party has so successfully hoodwinked otherwise rational and patriotic citizens into following their anti-capitalist cause.

The real embarrassment is that during those 6 decades, our leaders lacked the backbone to take a solid stand for truth, justice and the American way, and thereby allowed the gradual erosion of our nation's unique traditions, spirit, standards.

Today, millions of American Democrats truly believe that their party represents the principals of John F. Kennedy, (their totally unelected president).

The democrat party now represents the principals of the old Soviet Union.

Most Americans laughed when Nikita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the UN podium and vowed "We will bury you".

Little did we understand that the DFL radicals of the 60's would take up Nikita's cause and make the Democratic party their front line warrior.

We never dreamed that they would change our schools and dumb-down our children.

We never dreamed that, wherever democrats are in total control, they create chaotic no-go outlaw areas (similar to those that are destroying Europe as we speak).

We never dreamed that they would change the democrat party into a hate-America, blame-America, destroy-America of hate-spewing, blame-spewing, do-nothing crybabies.

We could not imagine that they could destroy our economy by enacting unilateral laws to restrict business in the name of ecology.

So, what are the Obama supporters going to do to throw out the radicals and return the party to it's honorable past?

For that matter, what are they going to do to assure that Obama does not return to his pre-campaign politics, his "Daly Machine" ethics and his Chicago union organizer tactics?

If Obama doesn't start by permanently changing his own ways, he will make McCain look like a real candidate.