Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama has not one drop of genuine African-American blood in his background

If Obama was white, the dims would NEVER EVER have nominated him

If Obama was genuine moderate African-American he would win the election in a landslide

The FACT that Obama is half Arab-African-Muslim and was raised a muslim, and was sent to Harvard by muslims, has surrounded himself with hate mongers, is a serious, legitimate, troubling issue that is being stonewalled and blame shifted by the demagogues of fear and hatred.

A legitimate argument can be made that obama is a descendent of the vicious Arab slave traders who sold blacks into slavery and are still selling blacks into slavery today.

The discomfort with Obama has far more to do with his muslim roots and far left hate mongerers than racism.

When legitimate concerns are met with crazed emotional accusations of racism, something is going to give.

The race mongers of hatred and blame are in severe denial - they must face up to the fact that they have nominated a candidate with more legitimate credibility problems than Fannie and Freddy combined.