Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why aren't the MSM wolves in Chicago? Outing the predatory demagogues like Wright who preach hatred, false blame, and fear to vulnerables?

McCain Ad: The Wolves Are Out Against Palin

Forget how worn that “lipstick on a pig” talk is getting at this point. Let’s, uh, put a little gloss on that for a second, even though the liberal blogosphere and others have been awash in media-bashing today for anyone even writing about Senator Barack Obama’s comments that the McCain campaign is putting “lipstick on a pig.” He contended that it was all about the McCain-Palin ticket representing no change.

(And there’s no question that Senator Obama did not refer to Gov. Sarah Palin as a pig during his talk last night in Virginia. Although the allusion to lipstick within a week of Ms. Palin’s popular line at the Republican convention has prompted a great deal of chatter around the Internet.)

Today Mr. Obama called the McCain campaign’s upset over it “phony outrage.”)

But the McCain campaign has struck back, twice today. The latest is an ad featuring wolves or Alaskan huskies leaping out of the wilderness to attack Governor Palin. This one reminds us of the bear in the woods ad from years past during the Reagan era. And one in 2004, when President Bush put out a wolves’ ad about terrorism.

The McCain ad also showcases a pack of wolves, or maybe hungry, lean Alaskan huskies (it’s hard to tell in the scary darkness of the video), which the campaign says will be broadcast in key states. It’s not hard to make the leap from the ad’s use of a wolf to the generic derogatory term of a preying man, a wolf in that parlance, on a woman. And it ultimately suggests that Governor Palin is a victim of Democratic attacks.