Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone who drives a white car is a racist @#$%^

Obama is said to be considering a reeducation camp for ALL WHITE CAR OWNERS!

The FBI will interrogate and waterboard us until we get our cars painted "do nothing but whine and blame others" victimhood blue!!!

Men who wear white shirts will immediately be sent to the reeducation camps.

There will be checkpoints where people will have to show FBI agents their underwear to ensure that no white undies show "hidden racism"

Conservative talk radio hosts who refuse to be reeducated will be forced to watch an endless loop of a nude Rush Limbaugh being waterboarded upside down.

I drive a 6 year old WHITE CAR!

OMG, I must be a racist!

White cars must be banned by law!

Walmart, where lots of white stuff is sold, is in big trouble, as well as China, where lots of white stuff is made.

Joe Biden will spend his entire 4 years as VEEP spending half his time destroying Dick Cheney, and the other half of his time destroying Walmart for selling white stuff.

(The hell with keeping the country safe and the hell with the economy. FIRST THINGS FIRST FOR AN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION)