Thursday, October 02, 2008

Liberalism IS the real road-to-nowhere racism

There is a huge difference between the "cosmetic" caring of Liberalism and the "compassionate" caring of Conservatism.

The first says: "Oh, look at those poor people, we must feed them and clothe them and house them - at any cost - and we will feel good."

The other says, "Oh, look at those poor people, while we are helping them, we must teach them to feed and clothe and house themselves - then, everyone will feel good."

That is not to suggest that all Democrats are aloof and self-serving, nor that all Republicans are compassionate and caring.

Individuals are as varied in their behavior as grains of sand.

However, political systems and parties have behavioral strategies which often transcend that of their members.

Today's Liberalism has become the antithesis of term "liberal". During the past fifty years, Liberalism has morphed from a creative melting pot of diverse ideas, customs and peoples, into a brutal, exclusionary club, which only allows ideas, customs and people who conform to it's current political correctness.

Rather than accepting all religions, Liberalism now embraces anti-American, Black Liberation Theology and depicts Republican Evangelical Christians as wild eyed, fundamentalist, right wing wackkos.

Rather than encouraging freedom of religion, Liberal courts have banned Christian prayer in schools and public facilities - while requiring the same institutions to provide special rooms and to change their schedules to accommodate daily Muslim prayers.

Rather than supporting freedom of speech, Liberal courts have banned the playing of Christmas Carols and secular holiday music from public places, - AND, in Detroit, have mandated that Muslim calls to prayer be blasted throughout the city, via loud speakers, 5 times a day!

Rather than supporting Judeo-Christian standards, Liberal Judges have prohibited traditional American displays and celebrations, (specifically Christmas and Hanukkah), while non-traditional (Muslim) and made-up religions (like Quanza) are required to be celebrated in public schools!

Ill conceived laws and social engineering programs - regardless of how "caring" they were meant to be - have often caused far more long-term damage than good to the people they were intended to help.

Until the recent Wall Street financial crises, (which was the foreseeable result of another well-intended Liberal program), the best example of this was LBJ's disastrous "War on Poverty".

This "caring" Act introduced the bizarre concept of "race-based entitlements" and converted millions of inner-city blacks from potential wage earners into permanent government dependents.

Rather than teaching vulnerable people how to be responsible, self-sufficient and proud citizens, this "caring" program imprisoned them in a system of financial slavery which paid them to breed, rather than to work.

That parasitic culture of victimization now has been passed down through several increasingly government-dependent generations.

More subtle, but just as devastating, is Liberalism's short-sighted "Affirmative Action" legislation. Can you imagine hiring wannabe airline pilots; just because they are blind? or, doctors; just because they cannot read? or, lifeguards; just because they have blonde hair? Of course not. It would be incredibly stupid to hire anyone who is not qualified for a job that requires special skills. Yet, in the name of "caring", feel-good Liberalism created a system which by-passed qualified people to give unqualified people an "equal opportunity", based primarily or solely on the color of their skin. (That's not equality. That is the epitome of racism!)

The predictable result of Affirmative Action (that Congress missed) was:

1.) the dumbing down of our schools.
(More than half of our kids now drop out of high school. They cannot read, write or think well enough to hold a job that could support a family. Even our college grads now trail far behind those of 17 other nations; particularly in science and hi-tech skills! For 20 years, most graduates of American Medical Schools have been Indian or Pakistani. Why? Because the college graduates from our Affirmative Action programs are not good enough to get into or through med school! BUT, guess who got into our Teacher's Colleges? Right. Kids who cannot read and write are now teaching kids that it's OK not to be able to read and write! )

2.) the creation of millions of non-essential government positions,
(When a federal program pays people to stay in federally subsidized lifestyles, the ever-growing base requires an ever-growing group of federally paid care-takers. The race-based Entitlements and Affirmative Action programs have expanded with the escalating number of federally created poor, to make the largest federal payroll in history. Now add 20,000,000 prolifically procreating, illegal aliens to the Liberal's "caring" free lunch plan. This is a formula for disaster.) and

3.) federally sponsored racism.
(Imagine the media hysteria if Congress had a "White Congressional Caucus"! if Ralph Nader had a "Rainbow Coalition" that extorted hundreds of millions of dollars from corporations that didn't hire enough Greenpeace members! if lenders were required to give nothing-down home mortgages to white people who could not meet the minimum industry credit requirements! Liberalism embraces such lunacy.)

It is time for voters to walk away from blind partisanship and vote for the only REAL change that can correct the horrible mistakes of the past 5 decades.

This election is much more serious.

Looking solely at the dismal, half century record of wherever democrats have been in absolute power.