Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Amsterdam: Hate-mongering, blame-shifting, liberal fascists blaming immigrant muslim gay bashing on WHITE EUROPEANS!




For years, gay-bashing has been on the rise in Amsterdam. It's well known among Dutch gays that young immigrant-group men are disproportionately responsible for these attacks (the great majority of which go unreported). There's no need for any study to prove this: the anecdotal evidence is immense. In the last couple of years, there have been several high-profile – and increasingly audacious – assaults on gay people, and routinely the perpetrators have been young Muslim men. It's obviously no coincidence that the perceived climb in gay-bashings over the last decade has seemed to track the increase in Amsterdam's Muslim population during the same period. (Meanwhile, the proportion of ethnic Dutch Amsterdammers has declined steadily.)
Nonetheless, Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen asked researchers at the University of Amsterdam about a year ago to find out what kind of people were responsible for antigay attacks and what their motives were. Anyone familiar with Cohen’s call for an “accommodation with the Muslims,” including (among other things) toleration “of orthodox Muslims who consciously discriminate against their women,” could be forgiven for fearing that the fix was in – that the study’s conclusions were foregone and would be thoroughly, safely PC, with any mention of Islamic teachings about homosexuality neatly airbrushed away.
The study was finally released last week. I first learned of this from an AP bulletin sent me by Dan Savage. Then, this weekend, I heard a brief report on Sirius OutQ radio news about the study's findings. The thrust of OutQ’s report was that the perpetrators of antigay violence in Amsterdam are overwhelmingly native Dutchmen, and that this finding disproves the notion (which OutQ represented as a fallacy spread by the media) that these offenses are committed mainly by immigrants.
Online I found an article at DutchNews.nl that made the same claim. Headlined “Gay attackers usually young Dutch men,” it read as follows:
Most of the 150 cases of verbal or physical violence against gay men and women in the first six months of this year were committed by native Dutch men or no attacker was listed, according to home affairs ministry figures.
Police chiefs were asked to keep a record of instances of gay bashing following concerns that attacks were increasing and that young immigrants were largely to blame. There have been several high profile attacks on gay men over the past year, particularly in Amsterdam.

But in only 16% of the registered incidents between January and June was the attacker described as non-white, the figures show.

Meanwhile the aforementioned AP bulletin made no mention of race, religion or national origin, saying only that “most attacks were carried out spontaneously by poorly educated young men who feel their masculinity has been questioned.” Given that virtually all non-Muslim kids in the Netherlands attend good to excellent public schools and are, by their mid-teens, fluent in English, French, and German (it is not unusual to see Dutch fifteen-year-olds on trams reading authors like Camus and Thomas Mann in the original language), this bit about the perpetrators being “poorly educated” seemed irreconcilable with the claim that the attackers were mostly ethnic Dutchmen.

There are, of course, more than a few poorly educated young people in Amsterdam. They've grown up in homes where the only book is the Koran. They have fathers with brutal patriarchal values and home-bound mothers who can’t speak Dutch and are utterly unaware of their own rights as EU and Dutch citizens. Many of these young people have spent their childhoods largely in their parents’ homelands, being shielded from the Kingdom of the Netherlands' offensively liberal values. And many, rather than attending Dutch public schools, which teach sexual equality and acceptance of gay people, have been formed by religious schools that teach contempt for the West, for democracy, for women, for Jews, for non-Muslims generally, and – especially – for gays.

I wanted to see the researchers' report itself – which is entitled “As Long as They Keep Away From Me” – so I went to coc.nl, the site of the major gay-rights organization in the Netherlands, COC (which stands for Cultuur- en Ontspannings Centrum, or Culture and Recreation Center). Sure enough, the COC site had a pdf of the official report. I dove into it, and within a minute found the following on page six: “The suspects [in antigay attacks] are just as often native Dutch as of Moroccan descent (both 36%). Since 39% of all young people in Amsterdam under 24 years of age belong to the first group and 16% to the second, Moroccans are overrepresented among suspects in these kinds of violence.” Plus a fact, if 36% of suspects are native Dutch, that means 64% are not native Dutch. Most of those who aren't either Dutch or Moroccan presumably belong to the other major immigrant groups in the Netherlands – Turkish, Surinamese, Indonesian, and Dutch Antillean. (Based on my own experiences, observations, and overwhelming anecdotal evidence, I strongly believe that if full gay-bashing statistics for Amsterdam were available, these proportions would shift appreciably.)

I skimmed through the report. On page 17, the researchers admit that “relatively speaking, Turks and Moroccans have a lot of trouble accepting homosexuality." On page 24, they write that "criminologist Jan Dirk de Jong suggests that the cause of the deviant conduct of Moroccan delinquent boys lies not in Moroccan culture or education per se but is primarily connected to their street culture.” (So it's just a coincidence that the violent homophobia of that street culture is utterly consistent with Koranic values?)