Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Liberal Fascist Lie: The War on Terror is NOT about a few naughty boys, it's about a belief system spiraling out of control

Minneapolis Muslim Blows Himself up in Somalia Attack

Less than two weeks ago it was reported that there are thousands of Somalians here illegally. Today it comes out that a Minneapolis Somalian named Shirwa Ahmed went back to Somalia and blew himself up as a homicide bomber. While this man was here legally, it was also learned that Somalians are recruiting in Minneapolis for the jihad in Somalia. This can be done much easier if our government does not know who is here. Recently over a dozen young Somalians from the Minneapolis area have not been seen. It is believed that they have went back to Somalia to fight the Islamic holy war (Islamic holy war is liberal fascist code word for "butcher countless innocent people who just happen to disagree with you).