Monday, December 01, 2008

Brits in stunning denial over the actions of BRITISH CITIZENS who prey on vulnerables and turn them into fiends

What Islam does to vulnerables. Turning vulnerables into soulless sociopathic fiends. There are citizens in America, folks, brainwashing vulnerable minorities with mind numbing techniques, hate-mongering, false-blame-mongering, false-grievance-mongering, and turning them into soulless sociopathic fiends. This is the world wide face of true Islam and the entire non muslim world must wake up and stop denial.

The continuing British trance of denial

Around the world, people have reacted with horror to the vile atrocities in Mumbai.

For three days, our TV screens transmitted images of carnage and chaos as the toll of murder victims climbed to upwards of 190 people, with many hundreds more injured.

Despite the fact that British citizens were caught up in the attacks, there is nevertheless a sense in Britain that this was nothing to do with us — a horrible event happening in a faraway place.

Among commentators, moreover, there has been no small amount of confusion. Were these terrorists motivated by the grievance between Muslims and Hindus over Kashmir, or was this a broader attack by al Qaeda?

If British and American tourists were singled out over Iraq — which many assume is the motive for such attacks — why were Indians targeted in the Victoria railway station? And why was an obscure Jewish outreach centre marked for slaughter?

Such perceptions and questions suggest that, even now, Western commentators still don’t grasp what the free world is facing. This was not merely a distant horror.