Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Liberal fascist code word for muslim butchers: "angry youths" murder Christians, Jews, Hindus, whatever, who cares?

Nigeria: .............

More from the ever-ambiguous yet perpetually angry "youth" who go on apparently "random" rampages every once in a while. And what triggered this latest outburst, which left hundreds dead? Rumors that Muslims had lost a local democratic election to a Christian party. Nothing new: four years earlier in this same district, the Muslims -- youths and otherwise -- went on a rampage killing 1500 Christians and destroying 173 churches.

"2,000 youths storm mosque in riot-torn Nigerian city," by Amini Abubakar for the Star Phoenix, December 1:

Do the morally paralyzed liberal fascist enablers realize that, with enough appeasement, they have become participants in the carnage?