Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Republican Party was FORMED to fight slavery, while both north and south democrats were exploiting slavery for political gain

Then, as now, the democrat party exploits the vulnerable rather than providing leadership up out of the abyss

Thank you, Michael Zak, for your heroic articles

Three strikes and, well, you know.

In recent years, the Republican leadership missed two chances to hit a home run.

If, in early 2004, the Grand Old Party had celebrated its 150th anniversary, Republicans would have entered the Bush-Kerry campaign with greater enthusiasm and sense of purpose. If, in early 2006, the Republican National Committee had celebrated its 150th anniversary, Republicans would have entered the mid-term election campaign more unified and focused.

History now grants the GOP a third chance. Next year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. Just think of the magnificent opportunities for outreach, for party-building, for fundraising!

Most history books take Abraham Lincoln out of his proper context as a Republican, depicting him instead as "above politics" or as a quasi-Democrat. Democrats can steal our Republican heritage only if we let them. The way for our Party to retake the policy initiative is to embrace our true heritage, undistorted by all those books written by Democrat historians.

As Republicans struggle to repair our damaged brand, we should draw inspiration from our party's first President. We should remind the nation - and ourselves - that ours is the Party of Lincoln.

The bicentennial of Lincoln's birth is less than two month away: February 12, 2009. I call on Republicans around the nation to begin right now to plan commemorative events. Let's be sure to remember the 16th President not only as the Great Emancipator, but also the Great Republican.