Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Senora Kennedy Is Make Very Good Senator

Iowahawk Guest Opinion
by Rosa Ortiz
Chief of Housekeeping Staff
Estate of Caroline Kennedy

Buenos dias! I am Rosa. I twelve years work for Senora Caroline Kennedy and her family so I am write for you today to tell you why Senora Kennedy is make very very good senator for Nueva York. Senora Kennedy is very busy now with party menus so she tell me to write this when I am finish with floors and make the bed for guest wing. I am now finish so I write this.

Senora Kennedy is very very sad that television man say he no think she is make a good senator in Washington. This is not right for you to think this too because Senora Kennedy is make very good senator! Here is the reasons:

Senora Kennedy she is from famous senator family. Senora Kennedy father was El Presidente. She have tio who is senator. She have many cousin who also is senator, even all the ones with the drug problems. Why she is only one who no is senator? This is no fair to her. In my old country was the law that all family of el Presidente is also Senator or Minister until the revolucion.

Senora Kennedy is many plaques. She have a diploma from the Senator school and many trophies. She have many famous photografias and autografias. I know this because I have to clean her office every Tuesday and is very hard for to dust all this many things.

Senora Kennedy have very many busy jobs. She is edit the book for the children and the poetry. She also choose the winners for the many awards she is boss for. It is make her very tired, but every day Senora is go to work for the volunteer to raise the money for the awards and the charity. She have many parties at the home and the museum. She work very hard to shop for the new gowns and invitacions. She is also make the seating arrange and hide the tequila from Tio Teddy so he not get borracho. This she do for the poor.

Senora Kennedy she is the good mother. She is raise her two girls by herself, with the nannies, and every night read the girls the poetry book she edit. The nannies are go now because the girls they also are go off now to Senator school.

Senora Kennedy she is always know the issues. Every morning she always tell me, "Rosa, where is my New York Time paper?" Then she read it before she go to Fifth Avenue for the shopping. When she get back she tell me to put it in the recycle because to save the planet.

Senora Kennedy is the good boss for the people. She treat everybody on the staff very nice and no yell. We all get one day off in the week and she give the $200 bonus this Christmas. Except Maria because she broke the crystal bowl in the office when she dusting.

Senora Kennedy knows how to call the taxi. Senora Kennedy say to tell you she sometime call taxi by herself.

This is why you should no listen to the people who say she no be a good senator. Senora Kennedy is make the best senator because she is the pure full blood of the Kennedy, and no one drop of mestizo. When she is senator maybe she give you $200 bonus if you no break anything or be disloyal. Extra $100 if you write a good blog about her.

I have to fold laundry now. Also Tio Teddy is come to the party tonight so I have to lock the liquor cabinets.