Monday, December 29, 2008

Slavery was worldwide just a few centuries ago -

No more than a few centuries ago, and as far back as history has been recorded, there has been slavery.

In every populated continent, in every race of people.

Native Americans made slaves of those in other tribes that they conquered and did not kill.

Wealthy Chinese made slaves of poor Chinese.

Wealthy Europeans made slaves of Europeans of lower classes.

Endentured servants -- the children of poor whites that owed money -- were made slaves in the early days of the US.

Jews were the slaves of Egyptians.

Slavery has been an ever-present part of world history..

An argument can be made that Christianity, as it spread around the world, slowly and imperfectly, ended slavery.

Every person is owed basic human rights, and slavery denies them.

A voluntary exchange of work for compensation is the only respectful relationship.

The powerful want someone to do their work -- pay for it!