Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fascists running amok in Norway? Protected by appeasers and enablers?

Something rotten in the state of Norway

All over Europa Muslims are protesting the war in Gaza. At the fringes are anti-Israeli and antisemitic slogans and cartoons. But in Norway this extreme Islamist right is echoed in the official press: antisemitic slurs and cartoons are printed in Norway's established newspapers.

It is hard to believe.

On Thursday the 8th of January a rally was held in front of Norway's Parliament building. A few hundred souls protected by 200 police in full riot gear. Many participants were elderly people bussed in from far away. Maybe they didn't know what was in store. Few Oslo citizens dared to go out. There was foreboding in the air.

The daily Dagbladet had two days earlier carried a front page that screamed: Siv Jensen supports the bombing, with the title transposed on a picture of a wounded Palestinian child. Siv Jensen is the leader of Norway's biggest opposition party, the Progress Party. All the other parties tend to agree on major points and keep PP on the outside in spite of a 25-30 percent backing in the opinion polls.

Not only the political parties but also the press has moved to the center-left in later years, presenting the Progress Party as something that does not belong here. Like Israel.

When Siv Jensen dared to speak in front of the Parliament she was committing something like sacrilege, a blasphemy against political decency, a favourite word with the foreign minister, the suave Jonas Gahr Støre.

TV transmitted live what was soon to become the worst riots Oslo has seen in modern times. Hundreds of Muslim youths ran amok, smashing windows, abusing people and shouting "Kill the Jews" and "Allahu akbar".

The pro-Israeli demonstration had to be halted and the participants were shuffled into busses for the ride home. On the way several were attacked and brutally beaten to cries of "Attack the Jew".

The very same night there was a huge protest march, officially pro-peace but unofficially pro-Palestinian. Leader of thee Mosaic community, Anne Sender, and rabbi Joav Melchior decided to take part, but cries of "Kill the Jews" in Arabic made their blood freeze................