Friday, January 30, 2009

If Blago was black, the morally paralyzed liberal fascists would be race card whining "racist" and Blago would be glorified as a victim

They impeached the guy.

If Blago were black, this wouldn't be happening. The Democraps would be shagging that racism card. He'd be marching shoulder to shoulder with tax cheat Rangel, cold cash Jefferson, et al.

No Blago trial. No Blago jury. No justice! No peace! lol. But I got to tell you, I love this guy. He is my favorite Democrat. He has a big mouth and they are scared to death of him. If I were he I'd have an envelope hidden in a safety deposit box with all the names and the deeds - you know, a life insurance policy.
He embodies everything the party stands for - the only difference between him and the other crooks is that he is no longer their crook.
But they are scared of him. He knows where the bodies are buried, which is why he keeps calling for testimony from Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel and members of the racketeers party.

What a joke. All of it except the joke's on us..