Sunday, January 11, 2009

The fascist left has seized power in Britain, now the fascist left in America will destroy America the same way

Wherever liberal fascists are in power, they turn said area into a disasterous hellhole - now the liberal fascists have totally destroyed California and Norway and Chicago and New Orleans and the UK
Is Britain a new muslim state ?

Something quite strange is happening in Britain lately, jewish and pro-Israel supporters getting warning from police for “ causing provocation” or even worse, your friend gets beaten up at your door way by so called “asian youth“, his blood drips all over the floor and cops warn you to leave your house for several days untill “asians” calm down. Go figure out.

‘In front of us walked a young man, wearing a kippah. He got out of his bag an Israeli flag and was immediately taken to the side by two police officers.

‘After questioning him for about 10 minutes, he was issued a caution. After he was released we went up to talk to him - he showed us the police caution - and I kid you not - it stated that by getting out an Israeli flag he was causing provocation to the pro Palestinian demonstration’.

Or how about police searching “asian youths” for bricks and knifes but giving warning to Israel supporters not to “anger” them.