Monday, January 05, 2009

Dangerous advanced fascist brainwashing techniques: intellectually dishonest historical revisionism and grievance/hate/guilt mongering

Advance fascist brainwashing techniques like intellectually dishonest historical revisionism and grievance/hate/guilt mongering are far more dangerous than meets the eye.

They lay the groundwork for hatred, moral paralysis, disregard for the law, and ultimately violence that we see in democrat party areas of high crime like Chicago and New Orleans.

Chicago, a hotbed of liberal fascism and the murder capital of the country, has demagogues like Rev. Wright screeching hatred and blame of America, whitey, the jews, and just about everybody or everything that has nothing to do with self created problems.

Fascists throughout history incite their sheeple to ever escalating hatred and thuggery and violence.

Guess whom the BBC calls The 'first true scientist'

............the great Pyramids in Egypt were positioned on Stars that until recently had not being rediscovered? Did you know that Alexander the Great had the Human body mapped and the means to heal people recorded so that his soldiers could be treated better on the battlefield.

Well, not according to the bBC. They are running a spread of programs revising history in which to say that it was in fact Islam which got there first.

Which goes along with the bBC angle that the Spanish armada was defeated not by the British but the Muslims.

And that Islam found America first.