Thursday, February 12, 2009

The enablers of fascism, whether by silence, denial, double standards, lies, or deeds, become fascists themselves

Who's Committing Crimes against Humanity?

In December of 2008, the Taliban mounted an aggressive attack against Swat, Pakistan. Civilians and tribal leaders were massacred, public executions were held, bridges were bombed, schools destroyed and travel virtually blocked into the region.

Also in December of 2008, after suffering three years of rocket and mortar attacks from Hamas, Israel embarked on a justifiable defensive war in Gaza. The Israelis took extreme measures to safeguard civilians by warning them of the coming attacks and scheduling ceasefires to permit the delivery of food and medial supplies.

The brutal attack by the Taliban registered as barely a blip on the world stage. Yet, Israel's actions generated international outrage and condemnation by the media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the United Nations. Israel was censured for "crimes against humanity." Worldwide demonstrations against Israel and Jews resulted in vandalism against places of worship, schools and community centers.

A double standard is obviously at play. The world is silent when Muslim extremists commit atrocities. But let Israel finally defend itself and take action against a Muslim aggressor and the situation is turned inside out. The aggressor is portrayed as the victim, while Israel and its people, the real victims, receive worldwide condemnation.