Wednesday, February 04, 2009

These are not the actions of a religion, rather the actions of a violent fascist political system

Suspect describes rape, recruiting of female suicide bombers
By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA and BRIAN MURPHY • Associated Press • February 4, 2009

BAGHDAD — A woman accused of helping recruit dozens of female suicide bombers looked into the camera and described the process: trolling society for likely candidates and then patiently converting the women from troubled souls into deadly attackers.

The accounts, in a video released Tuesday by Iraq police, offer a rare glimpse into the networks used to find and train the women bombers who have become one of the insurgents’ most effective weapons as they struggle under increasing crackdowns.

In a separate prison interview with the Associated Press, with interrogators nearby, the woman said she was part of a plot in which young women were raped and then sent to her for matronly advice. She said she would try to persuade the victims to become suicide bombers as their only escape from the shame and to reclaim their honor.