Monday, February 23, 2009

Today, in 1856, the Republican Party was formed specifically to fight slavery. My ancestors were involved from it's beginnings.

Today, America faces an even greater threat from liberal fascism and islamic fascism. A liberal fascist takeover that will turn America into a third world hellhole of crime and corruption and people who hate America and want to destroy America.

Grand Old Partisan salutes the Republican National Committee, established on this day in 1856 to coordinate nationwide opposition to the pro-slavery policies of the Democrats.

Republicans from many state parties held their first national organizational meeting in Pittsburgh on February 22, 1856. Presiding over this preliminary session was former U.S. Senator Lawrence Brainerd (VT), a resolute anti-slavery activist.

The next day, delegates chose the first Republican National Committee. New York's Republican state Chairman, Edwin Morgan, was then elected the first Chairman of the RNC. He had the immense responsibility of organizing the first Republican National Convention, to be held just four months later in Philadelphia. Morgan would be elected Governor of New York and U.S. Senator.

So, today is the 153rd anniversary of the RNC. We honor - or should honor - the patriots, the heroes, the visionaries who gave us our Grand Old Party.