Saturday, February 14, 2009

How liberal fascist crybabies turn communites into lawless hellholes and are destroying our economy - the law is the law

How liberal fascist crybabies turn communities into lawless hellholes
Stop deportations to "troubled" (troubled being liberal code word to whine and blame America) Haiti

Haiti's problems are not about money, or the lack thereof

Haiti's problems are chaotic leadership and chaotic social problems

How about forming a task force of Haitian illegals, pay them to go home and reform their hellhole country.

Below are excerpts from a Feb. 9 letter to President Barack Obama from representatives of 127 immigrant and civil-rights organizations and churches nationwide, including Marleine Bastien of Haitian Women of Miami and Cheryl Little of the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center. Immigrant communities look forward to working with your administration. Certainly you have many pressing priorities. We are compelled, however, to bring to your attention a life or death matter: Haitian deportees face hunger, homelessness and unemployment, if not worse, in the wake of four killer storms that further devastated our hemisphere's poorest nation. We urge you to immediately stay deportations...