Sunday, March 15, 2009

Democrats (Thugocrats) enabling union thugs to terrorize citizens

Patrick McIlheran: Unions have a problem with free choice

President Barack Obama, once foursquare for repealing workers' right to a secret vote on unionizing, now seems to be looking for a way out of his promise. But most congressional Democrats look like they'll insist, since unions are insisting.

As long as we're having a new New Deal, unions see this "card check" law as the 1930s recrudesced, a moment to bounce back from the depths of enrolling only 7.6 percent of the private work force. On the Employee Free Choice Act, unions are not asking; they're telling.

This should surprise no one. Compulsion pervades unions' comeback effort. "Free Choice Act"? Free choices underlay unions' trouble, and they know it.

But "choice" sounds good, so unions say the new law would let employees choose whether to vote on unionizing. It does no such thing. The law declares that once a union collects signed cards from half the employees it wants to organize, regulators "shall not declare an election" but must say the union wins.

Unions needn't even tell all the employees. In 2007, nurses in suburban Los Angeles who opposed unionization complained that they never were told the drive was taking place, since organizers circulated cards only to known backers. The union got the employer to keep mum, too.