Monday, March 23, 2009

Weak, directionless, wussie tea party ignored by one and all! Why?

Wussie tea party ignored! Why???


Not one single powerful cultural warfare sign.

Already history.

No understanding whatsoever of how to combat the cultural warfare that threatens us all, and is bringing America to the brink of collapse.

One compelling single issue or single person message that will sear the hearts and minds of all.

What is the single issue?

.......coming tomorrow, but a clue:

Chicago and/or "sanctuary cities" ("sanctuary city: liberal fascist code word for destruction of America, our social services, turning your community into an outlaw hellhole etc..........! ....the cultural icon of democrat leadership or exploitation of the vulnerable, where democrats have been in power since they were all voting for the KKK and jim crow laws...........

Hey, all you researchers out there!

I have really bad eyesight due to failed laser eye surgery, get me some powerful research on sanctuary cities and/or the leadership free criminal enterprise known as Chicago!

Our young people will have no jobs unless all immigration, both legal and illegal is halted right now!!!!!!!