Friday, April 10, 2009

Liberal fascism - another hate based belief system - on it's relentless swath of destruction across Western civilization

Our own liberal fascist president gloating over the liberal fascist destruction of yet another Western civilization country - first Europe, then the UK, then Australia, then Canada, now the USA

Classic fascist brainwashing techniques of the vulnerable: Hate America, blame America, destroy America - then the problems of the third world will instantly be solved.

Bands of jack booted fascist thugs (who think the law doesn't apply to them) roaming the country on election day

Control of the media, using the media to hate monger and blame monger the sheeple

Control of the schools, using the schools to hate monger and blame monger the sheeple

Liberal fascists, like muslim fasscists, prey on the vulnerable with advanced fascist grooming techniques

Liberal fascists, like muslim fasscists, glorify evil, demonize good

Endless self loathing revisionism (muslim fascists substitute supremacism

Relentless ancestral hate mongering and revisionism

Moral paralysis (bad is good, good is bad)

Separating and segregating vulnerables into unassimilated hate groups
ex: substitute teacher fired for correctly black english (keep them barefoot and seperated)

Flood America with unassimilated fascist hate groups who cooperate in spreading the fascist destruction of America.