Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manipulative fascist lies put out by the Chicago Police Dept:

Muslims respect civil law, even where it conflicts with sharia
Islam is typical of our diverse heritage of faiths
Muslims sectarianism doesn't exist
Islam promotes peaceful solutions
Rear base muslims have nothing to do with forward base jihad-terror
uslims integrate well
Muslims tolerate Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Seculars, Atheists, etc
.........from Atlas slugs

Lying to vilify the innocent while absolving the guilty is FASCISM and is the kind of thinking that led to 4 policemen being assasinated, and ultimately will lead to many more innocents dying.

The truth MUST be told about BOTH SIDES

Muslims MUST face up to their truth

The democrat party must face up the truth about their awful past - My Republican ancestors fought the great Christian effort to end slavery across the world - while northern democrats exploited the vulnerables for political gain, rather than show leadership, then as now, exploiting the vulnerable to further their destructive, law breaking and crime enabling political agenda.

We all MUST face up to our truth

Blaming and vilifying the innocent is a direct path to violence

Facing our own truth is the only path to freedom

Facing our own truth is the only path to real change