Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cultural warriors do NOT grovel to evil. Grovelers only accelerate the bloodsoaked supremacism that is the core problem of "polarization"

A leader does NOT grovel.

Groveling will only accelerate the violence, groveling will feed the bloodsoaked nihilistic supremicism

Anti groveling bloodless cultural linchpin laws MUST be passed all over the West.

Handwringing, crybaby article whining about "polarization" between Islam and the West - along with a total misunderstanding of cultural warfare.

Cultural warriors NEVER EVER GROVEL TO EVIL!!!

The quickest path to non polarization is for Islam to stop the world wide butchery.

Groveling to Islam will only accelerate the polarization, because Islam will not moderate unless forced to moderate.

Whining, sniveling, groveling Dutch ambassador to Indonesia fears "polarization" between Islam and the West

It is now feared, however, that the global enthusiasm for Islam-related issues as shown by the inclination of Muslims and non-Muslims alike to discuss the connection between "Islam and all kinds of developments in the world" will only foment the ancient polarization between Islam and the West.

While giving his lecture to over a hundred graduates from the School of Koranic Studies on Wednesday, Dutch ambassador to Indonesia, Nikolaos van Dam, noted that "the danger exists that Islam becomes a kind of fixation, thereby adding to a misunderstanding between Muslims and non-Muslims or between so-called Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries."

"It is as if a kind of polarization is being stimulated, exactly where we do not want such a polarization," said van Dam, who taught Middle Eastern history at Amsterdam University before spending most of his academic and diplomatic career in Baghdad, Ankara, Cairo and Berlin...