Sunday, May 24, 2009

Muslim bloodlust supremacism MUST not be appeased - Minor clashes are major steps in their supremacist tribal warfare

The bloodlust crocodile must NOT be fed.

The demagogues are whipping their sheeple into a hate crazed mad dog bloodlust frenzy, and these "few naughty youngsters" are anything but...............


Today in Athens for the second consecutive day a few hundred Muslim immigrants were involved in clashes with the police, one of whom was accused of stealing a copy of the Koran and beating a Muslim. Over 1,000 people were involved in protests after spontaneous demonstrations yesterday, during which violence took place with bottles and rocks being thrown, causing the police to intervene with tear-gas. Numerous people were taken into custody. The protest, which was announced yesterday, began this afternoon in the centrally-located Omonia Square, with people chanting 'Allah is Great' and 'Stop racism', while holding copies of the Koran, despite the fact that authorities said yesterday that they would investigate into the accusations against the police officer. During a march towards Parliament, protected by large numbers of police, the protestors damaged automobiles and set garbage bins ablaze while police responded with tear-gas. Forced to pull back, the protestors dispersed and other clashes took place in various parts of the city. Dozens were taken into custody according to the press. Some were bruised or slightly wounded. Yesterday a few hundred Muslims, mainly Pakistani and Afghan citizens, had already protested similarly against the police, resulting in one officer to be slightly injured and several reported bruises. (ANSAmed).