Saturday, May 16, 2009

Black muslim supremacist fascism must NOT be appeased! It is a cancer that will ultimately destroy the black community

The entire world is at risk from the false religion that prowls our prisons and our inner cities, preys on our most naive vulnerable, turning them into hate crazed fascist thugs

Not the actions of a sane religion, or any religion for that matter

Vicious fascist video showing American fascist black muslim demagoguing jews

Demagogic hate-monger inculcates Muslims with bigotry (calling Jews 'Satanic'); then slams Jews for requiring Israel sanctuary from hateful Muslim world. Imam Abdul Malik Ali of Oakland's anti-Semitic, Black Muslim "Vanguard of Islam" mosque takes a page from Hitler's Jerusalem Mufti's Muslim anti-Semitism toward attaining power. Mission of replacing democracies with caliphate resonates with (alleged) Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim Students Union at University of California in Irvine.