Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classic fascist blame-shifting tactics on the march:blame-shift from the real perps (muslims) with liberal fascist code words of moral paralysis

The crocodile is getting hungry

Obama's silence in the face of the violent and brutal Islamic crackdown on the Iranian people peacefully demonstrating for freedom is in keeping with Obama's previous silences:

1. Silent on the Black Muslim Riverdale bombers.
2. Silent on the release of the Black Panthers voter intimidation case.
His department of justice ordered the case dropped.
3. Silent on the murder of Private William Long by a Black Muslim -
Issued a very weak statement, though he loudly condemned the Tiller murder.
4. Silent on the French plane that crashed in the ocean, possibly blown
up by the two Muslim terrorists on board.
5. Silent on Iran - Issued a weakly worded statement.

On the other side of the coin we have:

1. Obama's bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia.
2. Obama's pro Islam speech in Cairo, with many fabricated platitudes about the history of Islam.
3. Obama instructing Eric Holder to issue a memo stating that Muslims were not to be discriminated against.
4. Releases Muslim terrorists from Gitmo to Bermuda, so that they can go into the restaurant business and hang on the beaches there.
5. Eliminating the phrase "war on terrorism" and replacing it with "overseas contingency operation" and "terorists" with "man made disasters".