Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lt Colonel Allen West - a rising star in the cultural warfare battle against fascism

Lt Colonel Allen West on the Iranian Revolution: "My message to President Barack Hussein Obama, there is no button to vote 'present' in the Oval Office"

(He) best represents our future.

I have sat and watched the situation in Iran post the fraudulent elections and just shake my head. When I departed Kandahar Afghanistan in late October 2007 my Interpreter/Translator staff asked of me one thing, "do not forget us". I looked each of those young Men in the eye and gave them my commitment. The covenant was simple, that in my lifetime I would seek to free Afghanistan from the tyranny of mullahs, clerics, imams, and bloodthirsty terrorists.

I never break a promise.

I will not "bear witness" to this demonic display of inhuman treatment and human rights violations. Heck, where is the UN and the world leaders who waste no time in condemning Israel for defending herself against same theocrats and barbaric thugs.

How many of you recall that just a little over 30 years ago, a previous weak, ineffective, effete Democrat president allowed the Ayatollahs to rise to power. Hence resulting in a fleeing of exceptionally gifted Persians and ushering in of a new era of radical Islamic terrorism.

Now, some 30 years later we have a redux of an effete, ineffective President whose nuanced intellectual elite responses offer no support to those desiring Liberty. Indeed, President Obama's apologetic Cairo speech just emboldened the Mad Mullahs and Annoying Ayatollah's, as well as Johnny Jihadi. The theocrats and despotic autocrats who dominate the Islamic world realize they are free to butcher and suppress their own people, young people, who desire one thing.....Freedom.

Imagine if Obama existed in the days of the Soviet Union, Lech Walesa, and Vaclav Havel, would that wall have indeed come down? I know that the "messiah" believes that his mere presence and a teleprompted speech will convice killers to lay down their arms and worship at his feet.

That is the state of delusional malignant narcissism which now occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

We must break the power and control of the theocrats if we are to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We must have leadership that is bold and convicted and not cower being concerned about "they will blame me if I meddle". The world is watching as America loses respect, but hey, I suppose everyone likes us now.

My message to President Barack Hussein Obama, there is no button to vote "present" in the Oval Office. If you have not the courage to face the enemy, do us a favor, leave the Greatest office in the World and go make speeches, or co-host the Oprah Winfrey Show.

History is indeed repeating itself as the shadow of Sir Neville Chamberlain walks the halls of the White House.

Steadfast and Loyal,
Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (USA, Ret)