Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sharia law, the law of murder, hatred and slavery, must NOT creep into America under the guise of phony liberal fascist code words of guilt

“Obama, are you kidding? We’re not Muslim. You are not Christian!!”

Obama, you must not suppress the truth, or America will be destroyed!

Western Civilization is a cultural Judeo/Christian phenomen!

Secularism is NOT Atheism

Secularism is NOT enabling 7th century barbarism to hide behind a false religion and phony code words of multiculturalism

Secularism is NOT hatred and blame of America

Fascism IS hatred and blame of America

Fascism IS enabling 7th century barbarism to hide behind phony code words of multiculturalism

Muslim forces NY Harley Davidson dealer to take down sign

You must tolerate intolerance, even if it kills you. This is ‘creeping sharia’, ’stealth jihad’ at work. By a single Muslim. There is no freedom of speech under sharia law, and only a semblance of freedom of speech left in America.

ADAMS, NY – Upstate NY Harley-Davidson dealer Iron Block Harley in Adams was forced to take down a sign facing route 81 behind their store.

The sign has been displaying messages to drivers traveling on Interstate 81 since 2002. Earlier this week, it read “Obama, are you kidding? We’re not Muslim. You are not Christian!!” a reference to President Obama’s recent speech in the Middle East in which he stressed the details of Muslims living in America as a way of finding common cause with Muslim majority nations.

Owner Erik Dunk believes that Obama would not have won the Presidency if the public was aware of the extent of his Muslim sympathies prior to the election. He indicates that this was a deceit of the American people, and that despite his continued pronouncement that he is a Christian, deceiving the American people to get the office is not a Christian thing to do.

Iron Block’s sign has carried messages of a political nature for years. The sign once said “Impeach the Dictator!” but Dunk indicates that no one at Harley-Davidson forced him to remove that message though it was far more politically controversial.

Harley-Davidson’s lawyers ordered Dunk to remove the message from his sign or risk losing his Harley-Davidson franchise. They had received one complaint regarding the sign from a Syracuse-area Muslim who told Harley-Davidson that the sign was offensive and derogatory to Muslims.

Dunk contends that the message was in no way derogatory to any religious group and was simply an indictment of President Obama’s behavior on behalf of America while he was in the Middle East.

He also claims that liberal media outlets in the area reported the issue with strong bias and several factual errors, pointing out that staff at the Watertown Daily Times are well aware that his sign has been running politically-oriented messages for years though in their coverage of the story, they only talked about the anti-Obama messages.