Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Liberal fascists and muslim fascists are the most intellectually dishonest hate mongerers on earth-why are liberal fascists so terrified of Palin?

The politics of victimhood, as practiced by muslim fascists and liberal fascists, is the most intellectually dishonest, corrupt, destructive ideology that always leds to moral paralysis, violence, corruption and social decay............

Who's the more intellectually dishonest hate mongerer?

Liberal fascists or muslim fascists?

It is because they both are covering up for their intellectually dishonest lies?

Vicious liberal fascist hate-mongering of Sarah Palin-why are the hateocrats so terrified of Sarah?

Why are the hateocrats unable to recognize evil?

Why are America's hateocrat areas like Detroit and Chicago and New Orleans all failed state hellholes of crime and corruption and thuggery and moral paralysis?

Are the hateocrats so invested in the false, corrupt, intellectually dishonest politics of victimhood that they are morally paralyzed?

Is it because Sarah represents goodness and honesty?

Why are the morally paralyzed, intellectually dishonest grovelers before evil so terrified of good?

The politics of victimhood falsely blames good and falsely exonerates evil

Once again, the morally paralyzed by the politics of victimhood media grovelers grovel before evil while vilifying good

The morally and intellectually paralyzed politics of victimhood never ever accept responsibility for self created problems.

The morally paralyzed politics of victimhood always find an "other" to intellectually and dishonestly blame and vilify and isolate and destroy

Make no mistake, the grovelers before evil are out to destroy Sarah Palin.


Vicious, smug, supremacist liberal fascist elite hate-mongerer David Letterman vilifies Sarah Palin

The vilifying of Palin is straight of the Saul Alinsky rules for neo tribal liberal fascist radicals #13:

identify, isolate, freeze and escalate (vilification)