Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Which party ALWAYS fights efforts at honest elections?

Coming to your voting booth, folks.

What the thugocrats have in store for the 2010 elections (while hiding behind intellectually dishonest code words of "poor" "elderly") - the thugocrats could care less about the poor or the elderly - the thugocrats want ILLEGALS AND MASS FRAUD enabled!- Remember the busses of thugs in the caucuses??? mass inner city voter fraud and thuggery - remember, the democrat party was the party of mass thuggery and corruption before and during KKK Hairy Truman's time (Hairy Truman joined the KKK in 1921, folks)

ATLANTA — The Justice Department has rejected Georgia's system of using Social Security numbers and driver's license data to check whether prospective voters are citizens, a process that was a subject of a federal lawsuit in the weeks leading up to November's election.
In a letter released on Monday, the Justice Department said the state's voter verification program is frequently inaccurate and has a "discriminatory effect" on minority voters. The decision means Georgia must halt the citizenship checks, although the state can still ask the Justice Department to reconsider, according to the letter and to the Georgia secretary of state's office.